Tuesday, April 1, 2008


A day after the the festivities of the final home opener at the stadium being postponed by rain, Is a day that America has come to cherish and savor. That day is non other than April Fools day.
Around the country Americans are pranking their friends and getting away with it with the magic words "April Fools".
In light of this day, My favorite website, River Ave Blues (better known as RAB) . Have posted an April Fools prank by saying that Pettitte will be sidelined for 6 to 8 weeks and Kei Igawa will be taking his place.
Naturally myself and every other of the thousands of the daily readers cringed to say the least. Rumors have it that some people that didn't get around to finishing the post and were still under the impression that these false rumors were true have done things I fear to mention on this blog...
Although this was done in jest, it was not a laughing matter. I believe that when you say something untrue , it brings a jinx upon that person.
Hours after that writeup was written. News out of Yankees camp stated that "Andy Pettitte will miss his scheduled start and his time table of returning is unknown". Buster olnley on ESPN NEWS said he may miss up to 6 starts and that the Yankees Are in an early hole to start the season.
I know that the folks over at RAB meant well , but come on..... I place the blame on them alone.

Oh by the way........... APRIL FOOLS
(In case you need me to explain, RAB did write that up but everything after I made up and had fun doing so)


Judah Bergman said...

they stole my idea!!!!

Morris M. said...

sammy likes to suck clocks...u almost scared me but i was smart enough to figure out your little trick!! flass hole!

SAM I AM said...

Morris im calling you bluff.
I know you really beleived me

max sutton said...

Hi guys
Now that the season is underway i thought before it started that i am going to lay low and not follow this year until august. i mean ofcorse i will glance at the scores and occatianally look at stats but not be as crazy as i am every year. And then it all happenned again already 2 games in and i cant get enough of it doing my best to either watch or listen to every pitch of the mets and the yanks. its an addiction i have and i dont think i will ever stop.

Early going David right looks great. He definetly looks more fit and starting the season locked in. Ofcourse this pedro news really Sucks. but to be possitive last year before the collapse they got were they were without pedro or johan. So i think they should be fine especially if perez pitches like that.
To even take it a step further maybe the injury could be good. As long as they play well now pedro will be more fresh down the stretch of the season when it counts more (playoffs) i am hoping.