Sunday, January 4, 2009


After today's bashing that I endured I will try to defend myself to the best of my capabilities.
Although I can not get to everyone of your points I will touch upon the most important and rational opinions.
But before I do I am trying to understand what type of malicious people you all are.
Since I am entitled to my opinion and I thank Peter for giving me the opportunity of relaying it to a larger audience, all of you as well are entitled to your opinion.
You don't have to necessarily have to agree with my opinions nor I do yours.
Being a civil human being I respect yours nonetheless.
Who do you people think you are displaying this animalistic behavior? I will be a better man and not stoop down to your level and start name-calling like a 12 yr old girl.

1) I'm not saying they should have kept Lowell, all I am saying is they either should held onto him or at least get something worth-while.
2) Ted Lilly was a lefty who showed lots of promise. END OF STORY.
3) Kevin Brown's back was an ongoing injury before the Yankees got him. Trading for a high-priced aging pitcher with a bad back is just foolish.
4) You rather Shef over Vlad? What are you smokin'?
5) The Yankees gave up a hell of alot more than the Sox did. Casey Fossum had nowhere near the value of Johnson and Rivera.
6) Pavano's career stat wise was just plain mediocre. If you actually take the time to look at his stats you would notice that his Hits/IP were horendous.
7) Jaret Wright coming off one good year after years of being an experiment is NOT somebody I want on my team. Wright and Pavano were definetly products of the NL.
8) Johan is light years ahead of CC, and Miggy is a hell of alot better hitter than Mark Texeira. You are wrong we do have the prospects! Melky and Kennedy were actually worth something back then. The Mets gave up far less!
9) Finally, this article was not hindsight at all! These were all bad moves at the time.
But thanks for your opinion I really appreciate it.

Ross, I am flattered from your praise. Just because the Yankees didn't have many options for third base it doesn't mean they should have brought back a guy that carries a guy to the postseason only to abandon them once there. A guy like that has his teammates looking at him to carry the load and YES if he doesn't it cripples the team. I agree its not fair to expect the world from one player, but you've got to do better than that. I guarantee you, if you give the same amount of at-bats to any other player in the majors, he puts up better numbers.

Becca, I wasn't permitted the amount of words to write this post that I would have liked. In my original draft I did note his good moves, but I had to edit them out. You along with many others are saying, I don't have my facts straight but you are failing to point out which of my facts are incorrect. Moot point.

Moose and Matsui were good signings and the acquisition of David Justice was a great move.
But, how could you say that the Nady and Marte moves were good ones? Yes, Nady had a decent stretch last season, but we did give up Jose Tabata, who does have attitude problems but not too long ago Baseball America regarded him highly.

You ask how I could bash the Burnett signing, this guy is the most injury-prone guy in the game. It makes zero sense to give him that contract. You're setting yourself up to have the Darrel Rasner's of the world spot start when he goes on the DL.

Kevin S., You don't even deserve a response from me. You obviously are an angry man!

Potch, which of my facts are incorrect?

Barton Bickle, whichever part of the media you run, I wouldn't work for you for free. You apparently are as ignorant as the rest of them. BTW Mike Francesca is an idiot.

I appreciate all of your support and hope to hear from you soon.


Anonymous said...

mute point, heheh.

Potch said...

What facts? Choosing Damon over Beltran when their free agency and signing were in two different off seasons.

Sorry, that point alone shows a lack of research that took me all of one minute to look up on when I read it and it just didn't sound right. That alone is enough for me to have dismissed your article because, well, you're posting an inaccurate fact on a baseball writer's blog. You didn't do your homework. Period.

Oh, and in your rebuttal you refer to A.J. Burnett as "the most injury-prone guy in the game." Yes, MUCH more so than Mike Hampton or Carl Pavano. Is it an iffy move? Could be. Is he THE most injury prone guy in the game? Not even close.

And, BTW, stop saying "mute" point. It's moot.

Mute means a person who can not talk or something with no sound. Moot, which I believe is what you're trying to say, means obsolete.

Anonymous said...

Sam, it's "moot point" genius.

Also, question marks go at the end of questions. Usually, when someone aspires to be a writer or runs a blog, grammar and punctuation are a priority for them.

Here are some points you gloss over which utterly destroy your argument:

The D-Backs were furious with the Yanks over the Wells issue. While they were open to dealing Schilling, they asked for Soriano and Johnson. The D-Backs dumped Schilling to Boston for nothing because it was a salary dump and had no interest in doing the Yanks a favor.

Big George signed Sheff over the objections of Cashman. It was a done deal before they could offer anything to Vlad. And not for nothing, but what I read back then was that Vlad didn't want to play in NY.

Wright was $7 mil a year. Not a monster deal.

Beltran signed in 2005, Damon in 2006. Again, your facts are simply wrong.

They could have had Santana and Miggy for prospects? Who? Your argument would be stronger if you listed names and explain why the Twins and Marlins would make those deals. Having Sabathia & Tex, along with Hughes, Kennedy, and the other prospects you would have cheerfully given up last off season for a marginally better pitcher and a fat-ass, flaky, immature 1B who is trying to eat his way out of the league, strikes me and most of informed baseball fans as a better deal.

AJ Burnett is the most head scratching contract of all time? Mike Hampton, Chan Ho Park, Andruw Jones all come to mind. Burnett hasn't thrown a pitch yet for the Yankees.

You remind me of the morons that call into sports talk and blather on without facts or with wrong ones, except it's in the written form. Basic research skills would do you a world of good. You say you were limited in space? Learn to be more concise. Grammar and punctuation is not voluntary if you want to convey your thoughts to other an have them take them seriously.

Simply put, you're not very good at this and shouldn't be shocked that your piece was ripped apart when you chose to post an ill-informed rant on a highly trafficked Yankee site. And dude? Really lame photo and website. Something from 1997.

Anonymous said...

Quit Writing, and maybe life too Genius.

"mute Point"

Mike said...

You deserved to get bashed for this post. It just sucked horrendously. I dont even know why you posted it. You should of wrote about how you grew up a fan and what are your best memories. Saved you alot of criticism if you did that. Pretty much everything is wrong with your post. We could not have got Johan and Miggy. You really would rather drain the farm system and have those 2 over keeping the farm and having CC and Mark. Ya Mig is the better hitter but come on now man. Johan and CC at this point Johan is not light years ahead of him. What CC did in Milwaukee was downright Koufaxian. Also he pitched great in Cleveland towards the end. This guy is a beast and him plus hughes/kennedy/ajax/hilligross or whoever we get to keep >>>>>>>> Johan. Also MArk plus 6 or 7 of our prospects>>>>>>>>>>>Miggy.

Keep in mind they gave up Maybin and Miller as centerpieces. None of our guys even matched Maybin's upside. Hughes and Miller are comparable but trading 6 or 7 guys for him and Dontrelle would of not been smart.

Face the facts, you are completely wrong. Also alot of these moves had to do with Steinbrenner...Mainly the Shef/Vlad and the JOHNSON/Beltran. Not Damon/Beltran.

I don't wanna be mean but the post was horrible man. Good Luck going on.

Anonymous said...

You are still an idiot.


Brian Cashman and the NYY FO said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yankee Shamus -- IIH, IIF, II...c said...

Agreed with Cashman....

I wasn't going to come here because I didn't want to raise your page hits today from 5 to 6.

But seriously, if you want to write, lose the hat and stupid cigar and buy a SPORTS ENCYCLOPEDIA !


You reflect poorly on true Yankees fans. Know what you're talking about before the next time you open a laptop or your mouth.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I scrolled down the side bar (Its like driving past a car accident, I had to peek) and I saw you in a picture with the TOR BJ GM...

Newsflash: Its not JP Richardy....

Its JP Riccardi!!!!!! You might want to fix that...

JRIB said...

I hope a meteor ball of burning space shit falls to earth and crashes into you while you are 'writing' another blog post....

The best part of you I Am Sam ran down your momma's leg and is still a stain on the newspaper sheets in her cardboard box in my backyard.

Boom, outta here!

SAM I AM said...


I just copy and pasted a few lines from a joel Sherman article.
"They were in a very similar situation four offseasons ago. At that time, after the 2004 campaign, they also decided upgrading their rotation was the top priority. So when the choice came down to whether to add the high-end lefty starter or the switch-hitting defensive stalwart represented by Scott Boras, the Yankees picked Randy Johnson over Carlos Beltran.

That proved a mistake, and not just because the Big Unit was such a huge disappointment. But because a year later the Yankees had to address the center field issue anyway, and they no longer had someone as gifted as Beltran available. Instead, they had to spend big money on Damon, who quickly proved he was more a left fielder than a center fielder. The repercussions are still being felt: Brett Gardner currently tops the Yankees' depth chart in center."
And I was being a bit sarcastic by calling AJ the most injury prone player in the game....
And thanks for the spelling lesson. I changed it....

Anonymous said...

You said you would not resort to name calling or personal attacks.

Yet you ask jame what he is smoking. If you ask me asking of someone is a drug addict with no basis is a personal attack.

Maybe there is a language barrier but you post is full of typos, gramatical errors

Anonymous said...

This one sucks just as much as the first one. You're a hell of a douchebag.

Anonymous Anger said...


Its still fucking wrong !

Ever heard of Google ? Or ESPN, SI or Fox Sports?

My name isn't JP Richardy.

It also isn't JP Richardi.


Get it right you goddam fucking retard! Seriously, did you have to wear a helmet on the mini-school bus when you were younger ?!?!?!

It's been spelled for you twice now, AND YOU STILL GET IT WRONG !!!!

JP Riccardi said...

You suck, Dude!

I'll write it one more time so you can cut and paste it !

JP Riccardi
Worcester, Mass

HAHA said...

i find it hilarious when people to spell check on someone's blog..


SAM I AM said...

good to know your paying attention.
Are you looking for a job? I could use a good editer.

Anonymous said...

An editor cant fix your problems. You need a toe trigger.

???? said...

how'd you get JP Riccardi on the blog?

abie said...

Omar Minaya is the best GM in NY

Mike said...

Why didnt you respond to me ?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yankee Shamus said...

Dear ?????? and HAHA,

He has photo-shopped pics of him with certain Yankees down the right side of the page. Scroll down and you will see it.

Then there's a pic of him with JP Riccardi.

Except he first spelled it: Richardy.

Then, when told about the error, spelled it JP Richardi...

I don't care about spelling mistakes either: until its someone's name !

Anonymous said...

Lets examine the numbers....

Miguel Cabrera, fat, overweight, former 3rd basemen.

2006 he hit .339 and hit 24 HRs with 117 RBIs.
2007 he hit .320 and hit 34 HRs with 119 RBIs
in 2008 when he switched to 1B he hit .292 37hrs and 127 RBIs

Since 2003 (880 games played) he has walked 378 times and struck out 718 times.

Mark Texeira, an excellent defensive 1st basemen hit

2006 .282 33 110
2007 .306 30 105 (missed 32 games!)
2008 .308 33 121

so in that time frame he has hit 1 more home run, and a few RBIs less each year. He has walked 442 and K'd 694 times in 904 games.

The difference, negligible. The cost, extreme. Texeira was a free agent, cabrera would of cost the farm.

Texiera is in shape, Cabrera is not. Texeira is a gold glove 1st basement, cabrera is not.

Is Miguel really better? I think not. Cashman was right not to panic last year, and trade the farm. this years free agency class was way to deep!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a complete disservice to bloggers worldwide.

This is everything that is absolutely, downright wrong about blogging. People like you are the reason bloggers struggle for credibility.

Do us all a favor and go kill yourself while jerking off to a photo of Mike Lowell or some shit.

Anonymous said...

Well, as much as I agree with you that people certainly were impolite and stooped to a level that was unnecessary, you don't do yourself any favors by saying "I'll be the bigger man and stay away from insults", then in the same sentence call everyone who ripped you a "12 year old girl". I enjoyed reading your opinion, but I have to say that I don't agree with you on a fair amount of points. There were several responses that were quite a bit more informed and detailed where as your points were short, lacking detail and a few were just plain factually incorrect. Yes, Cashman has made his fair share of mistakes, many of which are masked by the seemingly limitless Steinbrenner money. Nonetheless, if you sat down and analyzed the last 10 years of almost any major league General Manager, it would not be difficult to poke holes in at least 3 to 4 signings/draft moves/trades they make each year. Not to mention that fact that there aren't too many general managers who have actually been with their franchise for as long as Cashman has. Overall, I respect you for having the confidence to expose your opinion to thousands of people. I just suggest that next time you make sure all of your facts are straight. You're welcome to your opinion - that much I have no problem with. You are entitled to yours as much as I am to mine, but you really didn't end on much of a high note with all of those factually incorrect statements about draft moves.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I was hoping you were dead by now.

Yankee Shamus said...

Hey Sam, I hope you don't mind, but you're cannon fodder now...

Welcome to infamy:

Anonymous said...

You know this douchebag is just loving all the attention...

That was his whole point.

Let me guess how many times in the existence of his blog has he ever reached 28 comments? Zero?!?!

Go back to selling hot dogs in the subways, wee man. You are the worst writer I've ever read. Stay the fuck off Lohud. And if I see you at Yankee Stadium this year, I'm going to pee on you!

SAM I AM said...

Yankee shamus,

None of these photos were photo-shopped.

jay destro said...


I know you've been getting killed for your post on Pete Abraham's blog and just felt like saying that it was a nice try. I think one of the major issues with the facts you provide is that most of the moves you focused on prior to 2006 were forced upon him by the dueling factions in the team front office. While AJ Burnett's deal may be questionable, he did what they felt was best for the organization based on the availability of talent.

When doing a public attack on a person like Brian Cashman it's better to have an intimate knowledge of the facts rather than generalizations. I thought you just cherry picked issues without discussing the pressure from Tampa t make those moves.

Good try, I'll stop by the blog here and there.

Brian Cashman said...


Hank Steinbrenner said...

everything in that article is correct

Mad Hungarian said...

Actually - it's JP Ricciardi. There's an "i" after the two "cc".

Sam - you posted your opinion that's what blogs are for, but you know the terrain. It's the internet. People can't just disagree with you, they have to slam you and insult you at the same time.

I disagreed with most of your post - but I'll leave it at that.

I think Cash has revamped this farm system. You go back a decade - it was tough to grow prospects since the mandate was to win now and you had a championship team. Lowell turned out to be a good player, but coming off a WS - you can't justify turning over 3B to a rookie. Plus with Brosius, the Yanks won 3 titles and 4 pennants in his four seasons.

... and remember too when Ed Yarnall came over in the Lowell trade he was a highly touted pitcher... in fact he was a lot like Ted Lilly.

I'd say for the most part the Yanks have identified which prospects to hang on to and which to ship. Ruben Rivera, Ricky Ledee, Brandon Claussen all never lived up to the hype. The list goes on.

Again, kudos for having the cajones to take the heat. I disagree with what you said - but it ends there.

Check out my blog if you get a chance - Mystique and Aura

Ross said...

Sam -

You never answered my question.

How do you NOT see that A-Rod and CC for MONEY (something the Yankees have TONS of) are better than TRADING away the farm for Miguel Cabrera and Johan Santana?

Maybe the Yankees would have made the playoffs in 2008 with Johan, but I'll trade one nearly 90-win season without the playoffs for avoiding mortgaging the future ANY day.

Conor Cashel said...

although i didn't agree with your post i don't think you should be getting this much heat.

Becca said...

I agree with Potch about the Burnett and Damon over Beltran situation. I failed to point out your mistakes because so many others had already done so on the Lohud blog and I felt that it would be repetitive of me to say so again. Cashman did not make the decision to pass on David Wright and Steinbrenner chose Sheff over Vlad. I understand Burnett has a history of injury, but you wanted Vlad who also has an injury history. Nady is a solid player and Tabata you mentioned has attitude problems, but I will give you that he was very highly regarded player. The other players given up were McCutchen, Ohlendorf and Karstens. I had no problem giving up any of those three. Marte at first struggled but then became more comfortable and can be a solid pitcher. I am not a Cashman lover but I think that he would not be in the position he is in if he was not qualified to do his job. And you did not address what you think of A-Rod. I'm sure you believe we are better off without him which is just stupid.

Matt said...

you know whats funny? how one of the last lines of your post is something along of the lines of "tell me which one of my points is incorrect" well without completley destroying the rest of your post check this out:


God your stupidity enrages me.
The problem with putting yourself in the big leagues is that you expose your flaws...which unfortunately for you, are plentiful.

Ross said...

I see that google ads have now been added to the site. Trying to cash in on your 15 minutes I see... LOL

NDYANKEE said...

I refuse to believe that anyone is as stupid or as big of a douche-bag as you appear to be.
It was all obviously a ploy for blog hits... Well played.

I bet you eat green eggs and ham! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Potch said...

Okay, but you didn't SAY they picked Big Unit over Beltran, you said they picked Damon over him, which is not the case as Damon was signed a full year later. (And mind you, Bernie was still our CF when Beltran signed, and was our LF after Damon signed.)

This was my point. They never picked Damon over Beltran, that was not an option. They turned to Damon for 2006 after Bernie's play in CF in 2005 regressed sharply.

Yes, NOT signing Beltran was a mistake, but it was generally acknowledged that it was NOT Cashman's decision, but in fact the Tampa contingency and George.

And, in fact, this event was one of the big reasons why after the 2005 season, Cashman demanded for his 2006-2008 contract to have total control, and rightfully received it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but your post is so inaccurate is hilarious. There's no defense on that. Please do some research before post this nonsense.

Most Newspaper Editors said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Enjoy the 46 comments, you'll never see that many again, cock breath!

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Louis said...

did you know Sam is personally responsible for the Yankees collapse against the Diamond backs and he is the reason they did not win a world series since 2000.....maybe he will make that his next post

Anonymous said...

abie said...

the curse of the Giambino is gone!! maybe now the yanks can win a world series!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SAM I AM said...

Attention to all of you name calling low lives:

Im not talking to the ones who actually made rational points, Im only talking to the Pricks whos primary reason for commentating was to personally attack me.

Forget what I said about not stooping down to your level of name calling....
I hope all of you cock munchers die a horrible death....
Your all a bunch of scumbag losers who have nothing better to do with your lives.
Come to think of it, Ill forgive all of you, you were all probably abused by your drunk fathers when you were kids....its not your fault...BASTARDS

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SAM I AM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Come on Sam that isnt how an israeli should act. Oh wait that is right, it is the way Israelis act just look at gaza... do us a favor shut down your blog

Anonymous said...

I know Sam and hes not Israeli . you anti semite

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

i never knew blogging could be so deadly

Anonymous said...

so i point out how israeli's are acting in gaza and I am an anti-semite? You guys hide behind that too much...

you do know the holocaust was a myth, right?

Anonymous said...

yet, another antisemitic remark.
You have got some nerve.
I myself am not Jewish but you have got to be kidding me.

How could you deny the Holocaust?
My wifes great uncle was a victim. I dont know what your problem is man. This is just some stupid yankee article. Why would you even think to cross that line? You need help buddy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
R.J. said...

My god you're a d-bag Sam.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam I Am,

I wanted to applaud you on having your defense be equally bad, if not worse, than your original post. You are obviously an undeducated doofus who knows nothing whatsoever about baseball. Cash didn't make the Sheff decision. The Johnson trade also wasn't done by Cash. Everyone wanted Pavano. And Johan being light years ahead of CC? Seriously? CC was better both this year and last. And he's one of the nicest guys in baseball, which is a big reason to have him in the clubhouse. Miggy is a better power hitter than Tex, but not a better player, not as professional, not a good fielder, and doesn't present himself as well. And the Melkman and Kennedy still have value. Melky was performing a lot better in winter ball. And Kennedy is still only 23 (or maybe 24, I'm not sure) it isn't like he's never going to be a big league pitcher. You can't give up hope after just one year. Just ask Jon Danks. I'm not a big A-Rod fan, but are you really opposed to having a perennial MVP candidate on our team? Even if he doesn't do anything in the post-season, he still helps get the team there, and once you are in the playoffs, anything can happen. The Nady and Marte moves were good ones because they helped our chances of making the post-season. The pitchers we gave up were not going to get a significant chance to start in the Bronx, and Tabata has had some attitude issues. And why doesn't Kevin S. deserve a response? Is it because he knows what he's talking about and you aren't anywhere near smart enough to respond adequately? That's what I thought. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and change your blog's title to "The Sam I Is A Dumbass and Don't No Jack Aboot Sprts" To exemplify your uneducated, horrible, terrible, atrocious writing. Not to mention the level of immaturity you have when responding to comments on your posts. Commenters will obviously be rude, but a real writer responds with a well-educated, stat-based, well written argument. They stay above the level of the reader.

"I will be a better man and not stoop down to your level and start name-calling like a 12 yr old girl."

Umm. That is name-calling.

So please do me a favor. Shut down your site, and write a full apology to Peter Abraham for polluting the minds of his valued readers.

Thanks So Much,

Someone who knew more about baseball by age 2 then you ever will.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Sam? I can't wait to hear more insight. Tell us how the Earth is flat.

Anonymous said...

Sammy Hazeet we still love you. By the way, all the pictures are real i've seen some of the originals.

Anonymous said...

you suck

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