Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sympAthy fOR the Devil

As mentioned in previous posts, their is no love loss here for A-rod.
I once was amongst his biggest supporters. Every time he made out in a big spot I was one of the first to say, give the guy a break, Baseball is a team game. Its not his fault that the pitching staff put the team in a situation where they needed him to come through just to save their hides.

But when Good ol' Scottie Boris instructed him to opt out a little over a year ago, I got out of character and just was fed up with the guy. In a way I felt betrayed.

From that day forth, I no longer supported Alex.
It would be foolish to say that without him the Yankees are better.
Without those "numbers" the Yanx and their lineup wouldn't be what it is.

The thing that does stand out however is that because the team is so accustomed to see him prosper in the regular season, its only natural to rely on him in the post season. So when he doesn't come through its catastrophic for the team and its psyche.

One thing that nobody can argue is that A-rod in all interviews just tries too hard and he comes off as a phony.

He seams like a guy that should have all the confidence in the world.
Hes got the looks , hes got the talent, hes got the money and he can get whatever girl he wants.
Its amazing how he is so self conscious of what the rest of the world thinks of him. I guess its just not that simple....

Which brings me to my point. Alex just doesn't seem like he means what he says. Its so easy to get rubbed the wrong way by just listening to him try to be sincere
In the aftermath of A-rods presser from yesterday when he divulged some more information of his PED use over the 3 year span. I think it could have gone better (why did he bring his cousin into the mix?, that will only make things more complicated) but it also could have gone a hell of allot worse.

There will always be questions and grey areas that we wont get satisfactory answers on. But on a whole, he basically got everything out there and I thank G-D for that. Because otherwise we wouldn't hear the end of it from the media.

I took note to the players faces when he turned to them and apologized. They didn't look to forgiving. But you could read into that whichever way you like...

Its a pipe dream to say that this story will get played out and we can turn the page.
When he pays visits to Boston, Texas, Seattle and even comes home to New York, He will always be a sideshow whether we like it or not.

In a way, I feel terrible for the guy. Every morning he wakes up he knows that where ever he goes he is enemy number one and that he is just not liked. And if he is liked, he has the sneaking suspicion, does this person really like me ? or are they kissing up to me for the money?
Its actually a depressing life come to think of it...

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abie said...

One thing I am having a hard time understanding is...

he keeps saying he was young and naive....and he said he was 21,22,23

he will be 34 in July!! this happened in 01,02,03 acc to him..that means that he was 26,27,28...he came up in 94' that means 7 years in the league and he couldn't mature!! PLEASE!!

and spare me the young stuff!! he is under scott boras management and you can see it pouring out of him with every interview!!...

Just say it was your fault and stop using the line i was young and naive!!