Thursday, March 5, 2009


ESPN.COM's Enrique Rojas is reporting that Alex Rodriguez will undergo surgery on a cyst on his hip on Monday and will miss 10 weeks making his return sometime in mid-May.

There are many out there that believe that the cyst is connected to his steroid use just like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens had cysts...However multiple "prominent" doctors have come out and said that there is no link between injecting anabolic steroids and having a cyst..

Anyways the Arod Saga continues...

The question now is Who will play third for the Yankees??

My plan is to move Robinson Cano to third..and bring in a Ray Durham type player for second

I have been saying for years that the Yankees need to move Cano to third Arod to short and Jeter to second..It just makes sense defensively..and forget about all this captain at short stuff...

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