Wednesday, April 29, 2009


At the NY Daily News Rich Cimini had this interesting thought:

"Here's a really warped way of analyzing the Sanchez trade: If it weren't for "Dancing With the Stars," Jason Campbell would be the Jets' quarterback.

Follow along:

If it weren't for the popular TV show, Jason Taylor might have reported to the Dolphins' offseason program last year instead of dancing on TV.

If he reported to the Dolphins, he wouldn't have ticked off Bill Parcells.

If he didn't tick off Parcells, Taylor wouldn't have been traded to the Redskins.

If he wasn't traded to the Redskins, the Skins would've kept their second-round pick (No. 44 overall).

If the Redskins had their second-round pick, they would've offered it, and their first-rounder (No. 12), to the Browns at No. 5.

If the Redskins offered the 12 and 44 picks, it would've been a better package than the Jets' offer - 17 and 52. The Browns would've
accepted the Redskins' offer and the Redskins' would've picked Sanchez.

If the Redskins took Sanchez at 5, they would've tried to deal Campbell, their incumbent.

If the Redskins tried to deal Campbell, the Jets would've made a deal for him because they wouldn't have wanted to go into the season
with Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff.

So there you have it. Farfetched? Absolutely, but I'm experiencing post-draft, pre-minicamp withdrawal, so my judgment is impaired."

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