Friday, April 24, 2009


Rumors are swirling in Yankee land the Philly Phranchise will be getting another crack at the Yankee rotation.

With Wang's latest clunker down in clearwater the Yankees are internally discussing whether or not to place Wang on the shelf.

In my opinion this is the smartest thing to do for more than one reason.

A) The Yankees can ill afford to lose every game they trot out the Taiwanese terror and B) this has got to be destroying Wang's confidence which we know plays an important role in every starting pitchers arsenal.

And Hey, I would love to see what Phil has been working on down there in the minors since last years debacle.

I actually just picked up Hughes in Fantasy baseball so I guess I'm expecting (more like praying) the "prospect" that we have been waiting to emerge as the next stalwart in the Yankees staff.

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abie said...

what happens if he is dominant in his start...who is the odd man out when wang comes back??? does joba go back to the pen??